somewhat to our surprise

Because I realized over half my screen shots involved Vector once my agent met him. And I can't just spam my other blog with just Vector.

Can I?

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Vector Hyllus figure study based on this guy.  I really wish we could get body tattoos in game.



I don’t post or even draw the smuts most of the time because I am become shame.  But…. Stealth Sex for SCIENCE.  

I figure the stealth generator would hide anything encompassed by the person wearing the field.  I’m sorry.  I will turn in my tablet pen now and bury myself in my shame of both content and poor execution. 

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Vector looking handsome, as always.
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"There are patterns in you electric aura that are yours only, they taste like spice and frost. We will remember them always."
Now here we have a very quick one of little sweet ol  Vector.

vector/imperial agent fic - to jurio - part ii


after over a year, we return to jurio.

here’s what happened to me this past year: got married, started business school, started a company, moved halfway across the country from southern california to austin, texas.  in that time i also read a lot of cases, met many interesting (and some uninteresting) people, and wrote a lot of essays.

now it’s summer, and time to finish old projects.  it’s hard to come back to doing creative things after such a long drought; it feels like wringing a washcloth after it’s already been wrung, and gaining only a few precious drops of moisture from all your exertion.

i have outlined the remainder of to jurio, and will complete it soon.  in the meantime, here’s the completed second part of the story. i had posted the first half of this previously, but will repost so that those who had followed this before will remember.

part one can be found here.


By the time the Phantom had landed and they’d cleared customs, it was nearing evening, and so Vector and the agent were treated to the sight of the sunset on their way to Jurio City. Having been built on an inland plain, the spaceport was connected to the city by way of an elevated shuttle, which passed over a long stretch of rolling farmland.

Home, Vector thought, ignoring yet another unhappy reaction from the hive. Undoubtedly Jurio City would have changed since he’d left, but the countryside would always be the same: sleepy farmhouses, hearty meals and friendly faces. In the pastures rontos shuffled about in herds; some grazed. This was the heart of Jurio, its truest nature preserved in pastoral form even after decades of Imperial occupation.

Despite his underlying unease, Vector watched the agent as she gazed across the fields and felt a smile tugging at his mouth at the look of her, captivated by the sight of the land all around them. She was a city child, he remembered, from the brief glimpse of her memories that she’d shared. The setting sun draped the plains in warm tones, and in the distance the ocean shimmered. The agent’s skin too took on those colors; the dying rays of sun painted her in ever-softer hues of gold as the daylight gradually gave way to the milky glow of Jurio’s moons. 

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New Vector fic! Welcome back, jambajunkie!